refshots® The App

Take the Management of Your Web Gallery in Your Own Hands With the refshots® App

Secure Access

Personal login to your refshots® web gallery. After the purchase of your refshots® licence, you will receive your personal login ID and a password for using the app. Only you will have access to the web gallery.

Take Pictures

Take photos directly from the app and save them in the format of your choice (Square, Portrait, or Landscape) in the refshots® web gallery. You can decide whether they shall be instantly visible (active) or initially hidden (inactive).

Choose From Existing Images

You want to use existing pictures from your mobile phone and add them to the refshots® web gallery of your website? No problem, just choose the respective photos and save them in the preferred format as "active" or "inactive" in your refshots® web gallery.

Improved Overview Through Categorisation

Create fitting categories for your web gallery directly from your app and arrange your pictures thematically both on your website and in the app for a better overview.

refshots® Photo Editor

Make the most out of your pictures. The refshots® Photo Editor enables you to easily optimise your photos. You can either use the automatic image adjustment function or existing presets to improve your pictures with a single click. Alternatively, you can adjust contrast, brightness, and saturation manually.

More Funtions, More Flexibility

Copy your pictures to display them in different categories or move your photos smoothly from one category to another if they were incorrectly filed. With just one click, you can switch your images from active to inactive and vice versa, e.g. when you need to edit them before publication.
Currently, refshots® is already available for your website as PHP script and as WordPress plugin.

refshots® as PHP Script
Cross-system functionality. Seamlessly integrated in most systems due to PHP script.

refshots® for WordPress
Designed for WordPress. Easy installation with the WordPress plugin.