basic settings

You can easily adapt refshots® to your design and circumstances.

In our PHP / HTML package you will find in the directory refshotsLib a file with the name configuration.php. Within this file you can already define different settings without deeper programming skills.


In the following we go through the individual setting options once:

$ref_img_quality = "100";

Note: Image quality (for example 80 – corresponds to 80% quality) – The lower the selected quality, the smaller the file sizes of the images.

$all_button_text = "";

Note: “All” button Text (for example changeable in “Show all”)

$images_per_row_colums = "";

Note: Images per row (for example, 4 – corresponds to 4 images per row)

$button_category_filter_bg = "";

Note: Background of the buttons (for example, #000000 – corresponds to a black background)


Note: Background of the buttons on mouse-over (hover effect)


Note: Background of the active button


Note: Font color of the button


Note: Font color on mouse-over (hover effect)


Note: Font color of the active button

$button_category_filter_radius = "";

Note: Font color of the button

$button_category_filter_radius = "";

Note: Rounded corners of the button (such as 10px)


Note: Overlay color on mouse-over

$image_hover_overlay_oopacity = "";

Note: Transparency of the transition color (e.g., 0.7)

$image_hover_overlay_catcolor = "";

Note: Font color category name within transition

$image_hover_overlay_desccolor = "";

Note: Font color Description text within transition

$image_hover_overlay_catfontsize = "";

Note: Font size category name (for example 14px)

$image_hover_overlay_descfontsize = "";

Note: Font size Description text (for example, 14px)

$cat_desc_mouse_over = "";

Note: Show category name and description? Yes = 1 No = 0

$sapces_gaps_margins_images = "";

Note: Distance between images in pixels (for example 3px)

$borders_width = "";

Note: Frame width per image

$borders_color = "";

Note: border color

$img_border_radious = "";

Note: border – rounded corners (e.g., 5px)

$borders_shadow = "";

Note: Shadow per picture? Yes = 1 No = 0

$borders_shadow_option = "";

Note: Settings Shadow per image (for example 0 0px 5px # 333;)

$categoryname_description_textposition_overlay = "";

Note: Position – Category Name and Description – eg .: Top, Middle or Bottom

$font_family = "inherit";

Note: Font – e.g. Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif. Note: Inherit (takes the default font of the site)

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