refshots® Revolutionises the Management of Your Photo Gallery.

Take pictures with your smartphone and upload them directly to your website's photo gallery.

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It Has Never Been Easier.

The Old Way:

incovenient, complicated, and expensive.

The New Way:

easy, quick, and inexpensive.

A Glance at the Main Actors

The refshots® App

From now on, the management of your own website gallery will be a walk in the park. Either choose already existing photos or just take a new one directly from the app.

Thanks to our specifically developed refshots® Photo Editor, you can make the best of your pictures without any prior knowledge.

Create any number of categories to arrange your images as you wish. Instantly publish pictures on your website or reserve them for a later date.

The refshots® Web Gallery

Be as flexible as you always wanted to be. Connect the app with your gallery, place it anywhere on your website and show your visitors instantly what you have assigned and published via the app.

We are constantly working on developing more gallery scripts to further expand the functions of the app for additional application areas on your website.

8 Reasons Why You Will Love refshots®:

Saves Valuable Time

Thanks to refshots®, you can manage your photo gallery up to 10 times faster than with traditional methods.

Saves Money

Not only fast, but also good value for the money. From now on, you can update your photo gallery without any additional costs.

Simple and Efficient

refshots® puts emphasis on intuitive handling. It has never been easier for you to manage your photo gallery.


Decide without any delay which pictures you want to present on your website.

All-in-One Solution

refshots® combines shooting, editing, and managing your photo gallery in one application. Simple, fast, and convenient.

Available 24/7

You can access your photo gallery 24/7 and configure it according to your personal preferences.


It doesn't matter where you are located: With refshots®, you have instant access to your photo gallery from anywhere.


Provide your visitors with a better insight and increase the number of customer queries by displaying recent references and impressions.

App Features, that Impress

Take Photos

Take photos directly from the app and decide yourself whether you want to publish them instantly in your web gallery or save them for a later date.

Add Pictures

Browse your existing pictures on your smartphone and simply upload them in your refshots® gallery.

Choose a Format

Choose with our innovative format switcher between three different options for your pictures – Portrait, Landscape, and Square.

Manage Categories

Create as many categories as you need for a clear arrangement of your pictures.

Add Details

Name your image file (SEO) and add a short description for your customers if you wish.

Photo Editor

Due to this lean photo editing tool, you can easily optimise your pictures directly inside the detail view.

Copy Function

You want to display pictures in multiple categories at once? Just copy and save them in as many categories as you want.

Move Pictures

Move falsely filed images by using the "Move" feature on your dashboard.